What is the weight of your suitcases?

- The cali-one-S is a 45 litre suitcase of 8.16 pounds

- The cali-one-M is a 75 litre suitcase of 9.16 pounds

- The cali-one-L is a 115 litre suitcase of 12.57 pounds

Do your cabin suitcase are accepted by every airline company?

Suitcase sizes and in particular the size of the cabin bags shall be governed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) conventions.

These dimensions are:

- Height, 22 inches

- Width, 18 inches

- Depth, 10 inches

Here is the link to go on the page that treats this subject on IATA website http://www.iata.org/wha twedo/passenger/baggage/Pages/check-bag.aspx

Our cali-S is 22 inches x 15.75 inches x 10 inches including the accessories, it respects so this international agreement.

Until now, none of our cabin bag has been refused by ailine companies that post inferior cabin bag sizes than IATA norms.

Could you give me the size of each suitcase?

We have 3 available sizes:

- The cali-one-S: W 15.75 x H 22 x D 10 inches

- The cali-one-M: W 18.9 x H 27 x D 11.22 inches

- The cali-one-L: W 21.46 x H 31.3 x D 12.6 inches

What are the dimensions of the stickers?

- The cali-one S: W 7 x H 24

- The cali-one M: W 8.43 x H 29.53

- The cali-one L: W 9.8 x H 34.25

What are the delivery deadlines?

You have to count 4 to 6 business days after your order.

Do the suitcases are guaranteed?

The shell of our suitcases has a 5 year guarantee ans the accessories (handle, castors...) a 1 year guarantee.

Could we accumulate discounts?

No, unfortunatly.

Is it possible to buy a sticker alone?

No, we sell the whole service (suitcase + sticker).

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