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Valise Valise Herbier coquelicot Valise Valise Herbier coquelicot
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Valise Citron voyageur Valise Citron voyageur
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Our concept

Innovative, CALIBAG is the original customisable suitcase brand.

The brand has transformed the suitcase into a fashion accessory, imposing a new trend on the public, proposing product collections which are unique, original and customisable in order to match them to your style. As an avant-garde concept, CALIBAG allows you to enhance your suitcase by personalising it thanks to our exclusive collections.
On, everyone has the opportunity to create their suitcase and then acquire a unique and original fashion accessory of their own. Based in the Angevine region, every suitcase is assembled on site.

We talk about it in Calimag


Les Collections des Créateurs : Morgane Carlier

Il y a seulement quelques mois,  Calibag lançait les collections des Créateurs avec Marygribouille, Thomas Cantoni, Bruno Pozzo et Tabas. Pour bien commencer cette nouvelle année et pour ne plus penser aux vacances passées, les Collections des Créateurs s...

Les Collections des Créateurs : Bruno Pozzo

Bruno Pozzo est illustrateur-graphiste et créé depuis de nombreuses années une multitude d’images dans la tradition « Vintage glamour » des années 40 à 60. Le pop art et la pop glamour l’inspirent pour ses créations dans des domaines aussi variés que ...

Les Collections des Créateurs : Marygribouille

Sous le pseudo de Marygribouille se cache Marie-Loup, jeune illustratrice freelance depuis 2009. Elle travaille pour le web, la pub, l’édition et la presse. Elle qualifie elle même son blog de « joyeux bazar » composé d’illustrations, de photos de voy...
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If you're a frequent traveler, you'll certainly want to add a touch of originality to your suitcase. To do so, opt for online suitcase customization. A personalized suitcase is always a better ally for a satisfying trip. Calibag, the French suitcase brand, transforms your suitcase into an objet d'art. Discover our original or made-to-measure collections to customize your suitcase.

Choose a customized Calibag suitcase

Suitcases are essential items when traveling, going out or on business. They are also original gifts. Of course, you'll find classic suitcases in all shapes, sizes and colors. But it's also a good idea to opt for a personalized suitcase.
Calibag offers a wide range of suitcases that can be customized to suit your tastes. Personalization is an effective way to have an original trolley suitcase that reflects your personality. With Calibag, you can create your own men's suitcase, women's suitcase or children's suitcase, for a unique and original fashion accessory.
In fact, a cabin suitcase personalized with a photo, logo or label stands out from other luggage. In addition to its unique design, suitcase personalization makes it easy to recognize your luggage.

Which cases can be customized at Calibag?

Calibag offers a wide range of customizable suitcases. Our stock of luggage is as robust as it is light. You'll find different colors and sizes (XS, S, M and L) of luggage for every occasion. The small, personalized cabin suitcase is particularly suitable for trolley travel.
Our suitcases are rigid polycarbonate + ABS trolley cases. They feature 4 multidirectional 360° wheels, a TSA security padlock, an adjustable trolley and soft silicone comfort handles. Our uniquely designed custom suitcases feature multiple compartments. Each compartment can hold your personal and professional belongings.
Calibag offers customized luggage for everyone: men, women and even families with children, so that everyone can find the suitcase that's right for them. All our customized suitcases come with a 5-year guarantee. You can also order a set of 3 suitcases customized to your taste. Calibag's lightweight personalized suitcases guarantee exceptional comfort when you're on the move.
Our French suitcase brand is a benchmark in travel luggage customization. Seize the opportunity and order your personalized suitcase now from our boutique, with delivery guaranteed throughout France.

Discover our exclusive collections and create your personalized cabin suitcase

Innovative Calibag offers original, customizable suitcases. We transform the suitcase into a fashion object in its own right, thanks to our unique collections. Personalize your trolley cabin suitcase to give it a more attractive look. You have a wide choice of themes:
  • humor (funny texts, funny animal images...),
  • flags,
  • vintage,
  • glamour,
  • Christmas, etc.
Trust Calibag to customize your cabin bag. You can also personalize your travel luggage with a photo of your choice. It could be a family photo, a photo of yourself, a souvenir of a memorable trip or a personalized label. If you prefer discretion, personalize your trolley suitcase with stickers featuring your first name or predefined stickers.
As part of an advertising campaign or to add a professional touch to your luggage personalization, use your company logo. Travel luggage customized with a company logo is an effective communication tool.
Personalized luggage is also an original gift idea for a loved one. It's not just a product with labels. The personalized trolley case is a symbolic gift of quality. Order this product from Calibag, the benchmark French suitcase brand.

How to customize your suitcase on Calibag?

Would you like to order personalized luggage from Calibag? All it takes is a few simple steps to customize an original suitcase for women, men or children. Our online store offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface for customizing your luggage. A simple-to-use customization tool makes it easy to create your design.
Create the suitcase of your dreams on Calibag to make your luggage attractive. Choose the size (XS, S, M, L or a set of 3 suitcases) and color of the shell. You can also choose the visual (photo, logo, sticker...) that will adorn your suitcase.

What marking techniques does Calibag use?

There are several marking techniques for personalizing suitcases. At Calibag, we prefer to print your photo or logo so that it catches the eye. This is a marking process that creates a unique piece. Digital transfer printing is our main technique for personalizing suitcases.
At Calibag, we create quality personalized luggage with an original design to satisfy our customers. All personalized luggage is assembled on site and inspected before shipment. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're having difficulty realizing your personalized luggage project, or if you have a special request.
We'll be happy to help you create a suitcase that can be personalized with your photo or that of the person you're giving this beautiful gift to. Depending on the details of the personalization and the quantity ordered, the items are delivered to you as quickly as possible. Calibag has a delivery service that can take your personalized suitcase anywhere in France.
Personalize your luggage now, order it at the right price and have it delivered quickly, so you can travel with complete peace of mind. Whether for your own needs or as a gift, our personalized suitcases are sure to make a lasting impression. Create your personalized suitcase for women, men or children at Calibag and get a unique product.
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